Although we specialize in European vehicles, we also work on domestic and Japanese vehicles. From break jobs and oil changes to engine replacement and transmission reconstructions…

Our technicians are trained to do the job right the first time in an efficient and organized manner.

car-cooling-system-diagramRestore the performance of your heating and cooling system. If you are experiencing issues and you are not sure what is wrong, bring your vehicle down to Royal Auto Service and we will have you covered.
Think of the belts under your hood like the chain on a bicycle transferring energy to where it’s needed. Your vehicle’s hoses are like arteries, responsible for carrying life-sustaining coolant to the places that need it. Without proper maintenance, your engine could overheat and the risk of a breakdown becomes very real. Belts and hoses degrade over time and can crack, split, swell or burst. It is important to check them at the regular intervals to avoid any breakdowns.

Royal Auto Service offers the best brake service available guaranteed, brake pad or brake shoe replacement easy. We promises no vibration, no noise, no black dust and best of all, no worries.

This is a job we just performed on a Range Rover.

Audi A4 with a misfire dirty valves pics before and after

Lincoln navigator head gasket


If your 4.4 Litter BMW engine smokes, it is probably the Valve Stem Seals are worn out. We specialize in doing this jobs at very competitive prices.

2013 KIA Sorento Engine Replacement

This is what may happen if the oil service is not done on time, in this case it was needed to replace the motor.

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